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"Amazon Adventure" (1/3/2018 - 31/8/2018)


Amazon Adventure

The OMNIMAX Show "Amazon Adventure" tells the epic, true story of English explorer Henry Bates, who risks his life for science in the 1850s as a young man during a fascinating 11-year journey through the visually stunning and biodiverse yet perilous Amazon rainforest.
Bates left school at the age of 13 to apprentice in his family trade of hosiery factory. Motivated by his thirst for knowledge and unable to be contained by his factory town, Bates set sail, in his early twenties, on the adventure to the Amazon rainforest, trying to prove if species change.
Despite yellow fever, treacherous landslides, starvation and encounters with fierce and venomous animals, Bates refused to give up his passion and curiosity for nature. He identified 8,000 new species and discovered the mindboggling world of animal mimicry and camouflage. Through the vast stretches of evolutionary change, an animal takes on the look of another species or even an object, gaining an advantage in the competitive world of survival. Audiences will witness the compelling clues Bates unravels—such as bird faeces that walk, water droplets that fly and jungle cats that mimic the sound of a small monkey.
Bates had to leave his Amazon paradise and return to England because of ill health, but his findings put forth the first ever case for the emergence of a new species, which Charles Darwin called the "beautiful proof" for natural selection.
Nature is extraordinary and science is an adventure, just waiting to be discovered—by you.

"Amazon Adventure" Trailer


Meet the Characters

Henry Bates
Henry Bates (1825 - 1892)
Although not a household name, Bates made crucial contributions to evolutionary biology by discovering the phenomenon of mimicry, now known as Batesian mimicry, whereby a non-toxic species imitates the appearance a toxic one in order to deter predators. The discoveries made by Bates in mimicry put forward the first case for speciation — the changing of a new species from another.


Alfred Wallace
Alfred Wallace (1823 - 1913)
Wallace and Bates were trusted companion of each other. They went to the Amazon together in their early twenties. Beset by illness, Wallace left the Amazon after four years of expedition. Unrelenting, he pushed on to the Malay Archipelago where he continued to study and collect wildlife and independently conceived the theory of evolution by natural selection.


Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin (1809 - 1882)
Darwin is best known for his theory of natural selection. In1859, he published "On the Origin of Species", which is considered to be as one of the most influential books ever written. Wallace wrote to Darwin about his idea of natural selection while he was collecting specimen in Far East. The findings of Bates about mimicry provided concrete evidence to Darwin's theory.


And don't forget the extraordinary "actors" in nature and their masterly performances!

What am I?
 Epicadus heterogaster



Can you see me?

 Anolis fuscoauratus





Show Period : 1 March 2018 to 31 August 2018
Place : Stanley Ho Space Theatre
Admission Fees : Front stalls $24, Stalls $32 (Standard)
Front stalls $12, Stalls $16 (Concession)
- Concession is applicable to full-time students, people with disabilities (and one accompanying carer) and senior citizens aged 60 or above
- Children under 3 years old will not be admitted
Duration : 45 minutes
Show Schedule : Please refer to Stanley Ho Space Theatre Show Schedule
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- Advance booking up to one week is available
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