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2021 Astronomical Events


There are plenty of astronomical events every year. The Hong Kong Space Museum stages a special exhibition at the foyer and online to introduce five spectacular events in 2021. The exhibition will present the details of the events and explain the phenomena. It serves as a practical guide to show you how to pick the best dates, times, locations and tools for observations.

The five spectacular events are: "lunar eclipses" on 26 May and 19 November, "Perseid meteor shower" in mid-August, "Geminid meteor shower" in mid-December and "serial phenomena of Jupiter's moons" on 15-16 August.

Venue: Foyer of the Hong Kong Space Museum
Exhibition period: 20 January – 28 June 2021
Time: Please refer to the opening hours of the Museum
Details: Please see the page 2021 Astronomical Events
Free admission