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Muse Fest HK 2019


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22.6 – 7.7.2019

Celebrating or not, change and renewal are inevitable events that take place in our life journey from time to time, filling our stories with twists and turns.

That happens to the museums as well. They make changes, sometimes for the pursuit of their visions, and sometimes for keeping their pace with the times or meeting people's needs. So they undergo transformation, which would wow you at times, and more often would be noticeable only when you come close enough.

The upcoming Muse Fest HK, with "Curating the New" as the theme, would bring you on a journey with the museums to explore how they experience and display transformation. You may be inspired by the story of how a museum could grow younger over time or how a museum is working on redefining itself to face the challenges of the new era. You may also go with the museum in a new look to navigate the world of art or come join a creative programme which is produced with inspiration from you.

The Muse Fest HK is being renewed with yet another bunch of fantastic programmes. Make sure you will keep track of it by visiting its website at

Hong Kong Space Museum will organise a series of activities including "Go Stargazing with Curator", "Behind-the-Scence tour of Space Theatre", and "Free Dome Shows".