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Space Race Board Game

HK$ 110


This educational and scientific board game, designed by Hong Kong Space Museum, takes the players to several space missions through various routes with different hurdles. The game not only tests the luck of the players but also challenges their organization ability and intelligence.

《Space Race Board Game》
Game set includes:
Space Probe Checkers 13 pieces
Satellite Checkers 13 pieces
Observation Stations 48 pieces
Space Token 120 pieces
Space Pioneer Pictorial Cards and Information Sheet set of 52
Deluxe Game Board, Dice, Stickers, Game Rules
Solar System Pictorial Cards and Information Sheet (set of 53)
  • A separate new game to take you on an educational journey to the Solar System
Chinese Aerospace Pictorial Cards and Information Sheed (set of 40)
  • Get to know the achievement of China's aerospace technology
Large Durable Paper Game Board
  • For use on whiteboard withe the magnetic checkers, ideal for teaching