Old Man (Laoren)

( 1 star; Carina )

The second brightest star in the sky, Laoren is known as Canopus in the Western constellation. For the ancient Chinese, this star was so close to the southern horizon that it could only be seen for a short period of time. Since its appearance would bring peace and prosperity, there were temples specially dedicated to this star. In many Chinese families, you can find a statue of the God of Longevity, the humanized figure of the Laoren star.

Xuanyuan (Xuanyuan) 

( 17 stars; Leo and Lynx )

The star A Leonis is also known as Maids-in-waiting, and in some documents it was regarded as a subordinate asterism of Xuanyuan. Xuanyuan is the name of the Yellow Emperor, who, according to folklore, was elected to be the common leader of the tribes after the defeat of Emperor Yan and the killing of the rival chief Chiyou. This united tribe finally developed into the Chinese nation. Chinese people call themselves the descendants of Yellow Emperor, in memory of Xuanyuan.