Drum at the River (Hegu)

( 3 stars; Aquila )

The second star of Hegu (α Aquilae, Atair) is the star Cowherd. The two dimmer stars on each side are the sons of Cowherd carried by a pole on his shoulder. According to legend, Cowherd's wife, Weaving Girl, was the granddaughter of the celestial emperor. She worked hard year in year out, weaving colourful brocade for the gods and goddesses. However, she stopped weaving after she married Cowherd. Outraged, the celestial emperor ordered the couple to be separated by the celestial river and only allowed them to meet once a year. On the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, the magpies would spread their wings together to form a bridge, enabling the tragic lovers in heaven to meet that night. In the Chinese sky, Hegu can mean a drum at the river. 

Weaving Girl (Zhinu)

( 3 stars; Lyra )

The first star of Zhinu (α Lyrae, Vega) is the famous star Weaving Girl. The asterism is also called Celestial Granddaughter since, according to legend, Weaving Girl was the granddaughter of the celestial emperor (see "Drum at the River" above).