Heart (Xin)

( 3 stars; Scorpius )

The second star of Xin (Antares, α Scorpii) is a red giant that represents the heart of Scorpius. The Heart mansion is also called the Shang star. For more information about the story of these stars, see "Three Stars" below.

Three Stars (Shen)

( 7 stars; Orion )

Shen is also called Shichen. In Chinese legend, Shichen was the younger son of an emperor named Gaoxinshi. He was always fighting with his elder brother Ebo. The situation was so desperate that his father had no choice but to separate them. Ebo was moved to Shangqiu and was responsible for sacrifices to the Shang star (Heart mansion), while Shichen was moved to Daxia and was responsible for the sacrifices to Shen. These two lunar mansions were just like the brothers, who lived far away from each other and never met.