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The Hong Kong Jockey Club Series

"Treasures of Time" Exhibition Catalogue


This exhibition catalogue has been specially produced for "Treasures of Time" exhibition. It contains detailed descriptions and exquisite photos of The Palace Museum's 120 invaluable collections of the 18th and 19th century timepieces that are displayed in the exhibition. It also has a brief introduction of the development of ancient Chinese timekeeping instruments and articles on research by experts from Science Museum, London and The Palace Museum on the development of the British clockmaking industry, as well as the features, transformation and conservation of the timepiece collection in the Qing court. The 376-page catalogue is in Chinese and English.

Treasures of Time

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Series

"Eternal Life – Exploring Ancient Egypt"

$200 (sold out)

Specially produced for the "Eternal Life – Exploring Ancient Egypt" Exhibition, this book describes the latest findings of six mummies, processes of mummification, religious beliefs, funerary practices, food culture and childhood life of ancient Egyptians. The book allows readers to know more about ancient Egyptian civilization. With 260 pages, this book is bilingual and includes detailed descriptions, photos and CT scan images.

Eternal Life – Exploring Ancient Egypt

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Series

"Western Scientific Instruments of the Qing Court" Exhibition Catalogue


This catalogue of the "Western Scientific Instruments of the Qing Court" Exhibition features 120 exhibits selected from the Western science and technology collection of the Palace Museum. Fully illustrated with photos and exhibit descriptions of each item labelling for the different parts of specific instruments in astronomy, visitors can learn more about the development of science and technology during Qing dynasty and how these artefacts work.

Western Scientific Instruments of the Qing Court

Children's Dinosaurs Book (Chinese version only)


This is the Science Museum's first comic publication of popular science. Through an interesting approach, simple and humor scripts, a group of cute dinosaurs leads young readers into a prehistoric world around a series of scenes about children's daily lives to engage them in learning with happiness.

Children's Dinosaurs Book
Moving Stars, Changing Scenes $150 "Moving Stars, Changing Scenes" is an introduction to the achievements of ancient Chinese astronomy. Divided into 4 sections, the publication focuses on ancient Chinese star maps, observational instruments, astronomical records as well as timekeeping devices. Moving Stars, Changing Scenes
Science Museum Guide Book $25 72 coloured-pages guide book of the Science Museum. It contains information of the exhibits and various services and facilities of the Museum. Science Museum Guide Book
Body Parts - Revealing the intricacy and fragility of the human body $70 Admire the intricacy and beauty of the human body. Compare the differences between normal organs and those affected by unhealthy lifestyles. With over a hundred anatomical images, this pictorial book takes you onto a journey through the body. Body Parts - Revealing the intricacy and fragility of the human body
Soaring Dinosaurs – Chinese Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life $120 With over 240 photos of exquisite fossils of feathered dinosaurs, earliest flowering plants, earliest mammals and many other animals of prehistoric times, this pictorial book portrays the rich biological diversity on Earth about a few to several hundred million years ago. Soaring Dinosaurs – Chinese Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life



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