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Staff List

Head Office:
Address: 136 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
General Enquiries: (852) 2208 4400
Fax: (852) 2721 6216
[Major Staff List]
Executive Secretary Ms. Susanna Siu

Technical and Advisory Unit
Senior Architect 1Mr. Vincent Lee
Senior Architect 2Mr. Chin Hoi-fun
Senior Project ManagerMs. Anne Lee
Architect 1Ms. Christy Chan
Architect 2 Mr. Vic Lam
Architect 3 Mr. Hui Tung-sing
Architect 4 Ms. Becky Chan
Architect 5 Ms. Janice Chow
Architect 6 Ms. Patricia Ng
Building Services EngineerMs. Jojo Li
Maintenance SurveyorMs. Janny Lui
Quantity Surveyor Ms. Ada Chan
Senior Heritage Officer 5Ms. Karen Fung
Structural Engineer 1 Ms. Freda Chow
Structural Engineer 2Mr. Keith Li

3D Laser Scanning Survey Unit
Land Surveyor (AM)Mr. Kelvin King

Planning and Management Unit
Senior Manager Ms. Clare Cheung
Manager 1 Ms. Ruby Fung
Manager 2 Ms. Dreamy Lo

Historical Building Unit
Curator (Historical Buildings) 1 Ms. Fiona Tsang
Curator (Historical Buildings) 2 Mr. Ng Chi-wo
Assistant Curator I
(Building Conservation) 1
Ms. Josephine Wong
Assistant Curator I
(Building Conservation) 2
Ms. Joyce Pang
Assistant Curator I
(Building Conservation) 3
Mr. Michael Tang
Assistant Curator I
(Monument Buildings) 1
Ms. Fanny Kong
Assistant Curator I
(Monument Buildings) 2
Mr. Humphrey Yuen
Assistant Curator I
(Monument Buildings) 3
Ms. Christine Mok
Assistant Curator I
(Building Survey)
Ms. Pauline Poon

Archaeology Unit
Curator (Archaeology)Mr. Ray Ma
Assistant Curator I
(Archaeological Preservation) 1
Mr. Jeffer Mak
Assistant Curator I
(Archaeological Preservation) 2
Ms. Celia Shum
Assistant Curator I
(Archaeological Preservation) 3
Ms. Connie Cheung
Assistant Curator I
(Archaeological Preservation) 4
Ms. Annie Leung
Assistant Curator I
(Archaeological Repository)
Ms. Teresa Lo
Assistant Curator I
(Field Archaeology)
Mr. Raymond Lee

Education and Publicity Unit
Curator (Education and Publicity) Mr. Kevin Sun
Assistant Curator I
(Education Activities)
Ms. Gigi Cheng
Assistant Curator I
(Exhibition and Publicity)
Mr. Terence Ng
Assistant Curator I
(Monument Records)
Mr. Fung Chun-hong

Administration Unit
Senior Executive Officer (AM) Mr. Asa Lee
Executive Officer I (AM) 1 Ms. Mandy Chung
Executive Officer I (AM) 2 Ms. Annisa Leung
Executive Officer II (AM) Ms. Tiffany Lok


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