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"Childhood Treasures" Toy Collection Campaign

The toys we grew up with carry our childhood memories. When it comes to classic toys, children of different eras naturally have different items in mind. Some toys have already been forgotten, while others remain all-time favourites. Toys of all kinds reflect the changes that have occurred in Hong Kong children's lives over the years. In fact, the toy industry has played an important part in the trade and industrial development of Hong Kong as many world renowned toys were made in this city. The evolution of toys, therefore, is intrinsically related to Hong Kong's economic development. The Hong Kong Museum of History is collecting toys from different time periods to enrich our collection.
Those items collected will be used for exhibition and research purposes. We sincerely invite you to take part in the "Childhood Treasures" Toy Collection Campaign by donating your toys to us, so that we can get together to discover the interesting stories behind them. 

Even though children in the past did not have dainty Barbie dolls, they can still create ever-changing looks with these paper toys.
Even though these are small plastic weapons, they come in all kinds and styles. It's up to you whether you want to be a chivalrous kungfu master or an awe-inspiring general.  
This doll, named Bild Lilli, may well have been the precursor of the Barbie doll.

If you would like to donate toys to us, please send us images of your proposed donation items along with the donor's name and telephone number in one of the following ways:


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"Childhood Treasures" Toy Collection Campaign


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