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The Museum of History has produced a series of souvenir items, which are available at the Museum Shop.
The list of souvenir items available for purchase is given below:

Souvenir of "The Hong Kong Story": Miniature Scenes Collection

A set of 7 delicate miniature scenes depicting the glamour and the euphoria of the festive occasions in Hong Kong

Picture of Ritual Unicorn Dance

Ritual Unicorn Dance (Sold Out)

Picture of Folk Toy Stall

Folk Toy Stall (Sold Out)

Picture of Bridal Sedan Chair

Bridal Sedan Chair

Picture of Float Procession

Float Procession

Picture of Bun Mountains

Bun Mountains

Picture of Pak Tai Temple

Pak Tai Temple

Picture of Cantonese Opera Matshed Theatre

Cantonese Opera Matshed Theatre

Picture of Stationery Plastic Folder (4 designs)

Stationery Plastic Folder (4 designs)
$6 (per design)

Picture of Postcard

Postcard (3 sets, each set with 6 cards)
$14(per set) $3 (per card)

Picture of The Hong Kong Story Poster

"The Hong Kong Story" Poster

Picture of Souvenir Cover

Souvenir Cover

Picture of 24K Bookmark

24K Bookmark

Picture of Chinese Style Namecard Holder

Chinese Style Namecard Holder

Picture of Memo Pad

Memo Pad

Picture of Silk Scarf

Silk Scarf (calligraphy/Chinese painting) (Sold Out)
$200 (per design)

Picture of Chinese Style Purse

Chinese Style Purse (M/S) (Sold Out)

Picture of Stamp Set

Stamp Set (Astronomy/compass/mechanical/pottery/gunpowder/paper-making)
$180 (per set of 10 designs)
$20 (per design)

Museum Pass holder is eligible for a 10% discount on cash purchase of the above items.