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Group Visit (suspended)


Before the Visit

1. Advance Booking:  
Telephone booking should be made from 3 months to 2 weeks before the date of visit.  Phone2724 9080
When making bookings, please supply the Museum with the following information:
1.    Name of school or organisation
2.    Address and telephone number of school or organisation
3.    Name of officer-in-charge
4.    Two alternative dates/times in case the time slot is full
5.    Number of visitors (including staff) and their age group
6.    Approximate length of stay

Other services to be required (eg. guided tour service, in-house video programme etc.)


Please send the completed application form (PDF file) to the Museum by fax (2724 9090) in one week's time to confirm the telephone booking. Before you fax, please check whether:

1.    the written date/time of visit is the same as the telephone booking ;
2.    the principal/chairman has signed on the application form;
3.    the school/organisation chop has been properly stamped on the form;
4.    details for other services (Part B, C & D) have been completed;
5.    programme schedule (Part E) has been completed; and
6.    certified true copies of supporting document for registered charitable / non-profit-making organisation have been provided.


Successful application will be confirmed in writing. Please present the admission letter upon arrival for verification.


2. Planning the Visit:  
Teachers and group leaders should select the galleries that you wise to visit and concentrate on a definite theme of visit;
Average viewing time of "The Hong Kong Story" permanent exhibition is from 1.5 to 3 hours depending on visitors' interest and their visiting routes;
Points to note when planning your route:
1.    Identify your theme of visit. To go over each gallery and study the exhibits in detail, you should have a one-day visit.
2.    Concentrate on your theme of visit. Don't let your visitors wandering in the gallery. Prepare a contingency plan for overcrowding conditions.
3.    Due to a continuous design of the gallery layout, there is NO midway exit between galleries. Visitors should complete one floor before proceeding to another floor or leaving.
4.    If your group size is over 200, please split up into smaller groups or the Museum reserves the right to interrupt your group admission according to the capacity of the gallery.
5.    Lower the leader-and-visitor ratio to a minimum of 1:20 and assign one chaperone for each small group. Chaperone should accompany the group and ensure the order of group members:
  • Do not jam into the gallery;
  • Watch over your group members and advise them not to touch the exhibits and not to play inside the gallery;
  • Speak in a low voice in order not to disturb other visitors;
  • After the visit, gather your group members at the agreed time and place before leaving the Museum.
6.    No resting area is reserved inside the gallery.
7.    Eating and drinking are not allowed inside the gallery. Refreshments are available for purchase at the Museum Café on 1/F.
8.    Be punctual. Early arrival or late arrival will affect your visiting schedule and arrangement.
9.    Students should dress up in school uniforms, while other group visitors should wear group badges for ease of identification.
10.    Teachers/group leaders should agree on a leaving time and a gathering place with their visitors before starting your visit.