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Group Visit (suspended)


At the Museum

1. Arrive at the Museum:  
Coaches may drop off/pick up visitors at the roundabout of the Science Museum. The Museum in general provides 6 parking spaces for coaches on a first come, first served basis. No prior reservation will be provided.
If organisations intend to hire double-decker buses to transport your group members to the Museum, please alert the driver to take particular care in driving the vehicle near the drop-off/pick-up point as the top of the double-decker buses may hit the aluminium cover of the drop-off/pick-up point and possibly cause damage.
2. Admission Arrangement:  
Admission letter should be presented to our Museum staff for verification. Then, please follow the instructions from the Museum staff.
3. Inside the Galleries:  
Find out the locations of toilets, museum shop, and café. Avoid jamming into these facilities after the visit
If you are interested in joining The Hong Kong Story Public Guided Tours, please make your time and be aware of the time schedule and meeting places.
Emergency Handling
Teachers/group leaders should always watch over their visitors to ensure their safety during the visit. Visitors should not run, sit or play on the escalators. In case of accidents or other emergencies, please approach the Museum staff for assistance immediately.
Personal Belongings
Due to limited spaces available in the cloakroom, please do not bring along bulky items, such as school bags, and valuable items to the Museum.
Please do not use amplifier/loudspeaker.
Teachers/group leaders should keep the order of their visitors and ensure them to comply with the Museum House Rules and Regulations including the followings:
  • Treasure the Exhibits, Preserve our Cultural Heritage.
    Please do not touch or damage the exhibits
  • Eating and drinking are not allowed inside the gallery
  • Do not smoke
  • Do not bring food or drinks to the gallery
  • Keep quiet
  • Unauthorized photo-taking or video taking of exhibits is not allowed.

The Museum staff has the right to stop any annoying behaviours and to order the concerned visitor to leave the Museum immediately.  

Leaving the Museum
Teachers/group leaders should agree on a leaving time and a gathering place with their visitors before starting your visit. After completing the head count, you may leave the Museum via the entrance on 1/F.