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Future Curator Training Course 2014-17

The Future Curator Training Course is designed for secondary students who have performed well in their history studies to help them reinforce their knowledge and realise their potential. The aim of the training is to enhance students' knowledge of the functions, roles and management of a museum and to give them a greater insight into the job of the museum curator through a series of thematic talks and visits and a final project. Different themes relating to local history are explored each year, and these have included "History X Photography" (2014), "The evolution of housing in Hong Kong" (2015), "The establishment and evolution of Hong Kong's disciplined services" (2016) and "The history of medical services in Hong Kong" (2017).

Here are some snapshots from the training course: 

Visiting the Conservation Laboratories.

Trainees learn how to pack and register a collection.



Ms Choi Yik Tai Eva, former team leader
of The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Cantonese Debating Team, describes to
trainees the skills needed for debating.

Trainees engage in a debate.



A curator shares her work experience with trainees.

Outdoor visit to The Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences.



Trainees get involved in a drama workshop.

Trainees recount the history of the plague in Hong Kong during the 19th century through a drama performance.