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A Century of Fashion: Hong Kong Cheongsam Story

17/4/2018 – 11/11/2018

Guangdong Museum

The most representative of Chinese traditional attire, cheongsam is widely considered to be the best in exhibiting women's charisma, grace and poise among various Eastern and Western clothing. After the war, many Shanghai cheongsam tailors fled to Hong Kong and made the dress very popular among locals. Given the perpetuating cheongsam culture, the Hong Kong Museum of History was able to build a vast and exquisite collection of women's cheongsam over the years.

For this exhibition, we are pleased to bring around 200 sets of exhibits to Guangzhou, which include Hong Kong cheongsams from the late Qing dynasty to the present, tailoring equipment and merchandise items featuring stylish women dressed in cheongsams. Together, they shall illuminate the development of cheongsam within the historical context of Hong Kong.

Lined tangerine long-sleeved cheongsam with geometric pattern


Red ‘crossed-sleeve' cheongsam with floral prints and matching long-sleeved jacket
1950s to 1970s


Lined light blue sleeveless cheongsam with tulle overlay and see-through shawl (Costume used in the drama Love in A Fallen City)

Jointly presented by
Department of Culture of Guangdong Province
Leisure and Cultural Services Department, HKSARG

Jointly organised by
Guangdong Museum
Hong Kong Museum of History

Free Admission