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Growth City Heading

On entering this gallery, visitors will be astounded by the sight of an imposing three-storey European style structure adjacent to a port scene and against a background which is an enlarged old photograph of Kowloon. Moored to the bank is an old steam launch. Behind the building stretches an old street scene lined with a variety of shops : tea shop, tailor's shop, pawnshop, grocery store, Canton teahouse, post office, bank, ... as well as the delightfully quaint Shing Chai Tong selling herbal medicine. There is even a double-decker tram. Each of these is animated by sounds peculiar to it - vendors calling out their wares, the sound of tramcar, cart, and so on. The whole area is lit with a dim yellow light from street lamp, imbuing the scene with an ambiance of the days before 1941. Developments in Hong Kong's political structure, the law, people's livelihood, industry and education are highlighted in the displays in the mezzanine. A further topic is Dr Sun Yat-sen's revolutionary activities in Hong Kong and the role the territory played in the modern history of China.

Name of Theatre/Video Show: Hong Kong: Gateway to China
Duration: 11 minutes
Capacity: 10
Screened in Cantonese, Putonghua and English in rotation.

Name of Theatre/Video Show: Bits of Old Hong Kong
Duration: 6 minutes
Capacity: Standing Audience
Screened in Cantonese, Putonghua and English in rotation.

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