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Recordings of the weekend lectures were originally intended for playback at the Resource Centre of the Museum. The quality of archival recordings is varying. New contents are coming soon.


Hong Kong's Folk Beliefs and Customs through the Earliest English Sources (NEW)
Mr LAM Kwok Fai, Brian
(Curator (Exhibition and Research), Hong Kong Museum of History)
Mass in Café: An Extraordinary Way of Catholic Missionary Work
(Research Associate (Honorary), Department of Cultural and Religious Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Sacred Places: Origins and Development, Doctrine, and Architecture of Taoism in Hong Kong
Professor YAU Chi On
(Deputy Director, Centre for Hong Kong
History and Culture Studies, Chu Hai College
of Higher Education, Hong Kong)
Diffusion of Rituals: Emergence and Development of Confucianism
in Hong Kong

Dr NGAI Ting Ming
(Associate Researcher, Centre for Hong Kong History and Culture Studies, Chui Hai College
of Higher Education, Hong Kong)

Heavenly or Earthly: Retrospect and Prospects of the Historical Studies on the Protestant Churches of Hong Kong Professor YING Fuk Tsang
(Professor, Divinity School of Chung Chi College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Regional Systems and Cultures
of Buddhism in Hong Kong

Dr Billy TANG Ka Jau
(Director, Society of Hong Kong History)
Where my Heart is: The Religions and Cemeteries of Ethnic Minorities
in Hong Kong
Mr Jacky FUNG
(Head of Centre for Education Research and Development, Hong Kong Policy Research Institute)
Starting from "Participant Observation": An Anthropological Perspective on Popular Religion in Hong Kong
Professor LIU Tik Sang
(Director of South China Research Centre,
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
From Hakka Braised Pork Belly
to Shanghai Potsticker Dumplings:
The Study of Hong Kong Foodways
from the Anthropological Perspective

Professor Sidney CHEUNG
(Director of Cultural Heritage Studies Centre, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Lecture Series on the 15th Anniversary
of SYSM: Lecture on "Early Kom Tong Hall in Ho Kom Tong's Days"

Mr Andrew TSE
(Great-grandson of Ho Kom Tong)
Decoding the Chinese Almanac
Ms CHOI Hing Wah
(Seasoned Editor of Chinese Almanac)
No More Borrowed Time or Borrowed Place: Public Space, History and Relics, and Identity Changes of HongKongers
Professor Agnes KU
(Associate Professor,
Division of Social Science,
School of Humanities and Social Science, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
Insights of Sociology: Exploring the History of Catholic in Macao through
the Sociological Perspective

Professor CHEN Hon Fai
(Head of Department of Sociology & Social Policy, Lingnan University)
The Ancient Silk Road,
Central Asia and Afghanistan 

Professor LEE Chack Fan
(Director of the Jao Tsung-I Petite Ecole,
The University of Hong Kong)

Chaoshan Culture in Hong Kong
Mr WU Yim Chung
(Chief Coordinator of Yu Lan Festival,
Managing Director of Federation of
Hong Kong Chiu Chow Community Organizations)


----------The History and Culture of
--------------Alexander the Great

---------Professor CHEUNG Hok Ming
------------(Adjunct Associate Professor,
---------------Department of History,
-----The Chinese University of Hong Kong)



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