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Future Curator Training Course 2010-13

Future Curator Training Course is designed for secondary students with good potential or performance in studying history to help them reinforce their knowledge and realize their potential. The training aims to enhance students' knowledge in the functions, roles and management of a museum and enable them to understand more about the job of the curators in a museum through thematic talks, visits and final project. Different themes are made for each year, such as "Design a Little Museum" in 2011, "Telling the Hong Kong Story from Multi Perspectives" in 2012 and "History X Movie Crossover" in 2013. 

Sharing with curator to understand the work of curators

Understanding the work of the Collection Management Unit

Visiting the Conservation Laboratories

Performing as docent

Participating at the archaeological workshop
at the HKHDC

Visiting Lui Seng Chun

Mr Dicky Leung, Awardee of the Chief Executive's
Award for Teaching Excellence, sharing the leadership
skills with trainees.

Graduation Ceremony of the Future Curator Training Course