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The 7th Inter-school Competition of Project Learning on Hong Kong's History and Culture

Diversity in the District: Investigating the Historical Development of Hong Kong's Towns and Districts
Even since Hong Kong first opened its port to foreign trade, society has undergone constant changes in line with the political, economic, demographic and land use developments in the territory. Especially during the period when society was returning to normal after the Second World War, the economy developed at lightning speed and with it people's livelihoods. Satellite cities, new towns and new communities were built to keep pace with demand, and, as these flourished, living habits, customs, industry and social policies all evolved. Students entering this competition will choose a research topic based on the theme of urban development and then gather historical information on the district they intend to investigate. By organising and analysing the information they collect and subsequently presenting the old and new faces of their chosen district, its heritage and the changes it has undergone in a vivid style, the students will gain an insight into its evolution and experience the joy not only of learning about history, but also of sharing it with a wider audience.

A. Written Report
B. Multi-media Production

Junior Division: F.1-F.3 Students
Senior Division: F.4-F.6 Students

Open to individual students or a team of not more than five.

Prizes for the Champion, 1st runner-up, 2nd runner-up and Merit Award will be offered for each category. The winning team will also be awarded a trophy and book coupons.

Deadline for Application

15/12/2017 (Friday)

Deadline for Submission

Please click here to download the entry handout and application form.

The following lectures will be run for the competition in late 2017:

Date & Time





12 / 11 (Sun)


Diversity in the Districts: Investigating the Historical Development of Hong Kong's Towns and Districts

Dr Leung Cho Nga

(Museum Expert Adviser, Leisure and Cultural Services Department)


Lecture Hall,



18 / 11 (Sat)


The Old and New Faces: Retracing the History of Communities in Hong Kong through Multimedia Production

Mr Eddy Hui

(Transmedia Designer)

Lecture Hall,



Mr Lee Ping Shan, Jimmy

(Emerging Video Director)

Mr Tse Pak Chai

(Photographer cum Community Tour Guide)

The lecture will be conducted in Cantonese. Free admission. First come, first served. 

2559 4904 (The Hong Kong Institute for Promotion of Chinese Culture)
2724 9026 (Hong Kong Museum of History)