Assessment & Awards

Assessment Criteria

The assessment criteria will be based on originality, creativity and technical competence.

Judging Panel

Comprising of five international renowned designers, the members of the judging panel are:

Mr. Kjell Ekhorn / Norway
Mr. Kazunari Hattori / Japan
Mr. Tommy Li / Hong Kong
Ms. Ariane Spanier / Germany
Mr. Niklaus Troxler / Switzerland

Members of the judging panel are subject to change without prior notice. The panel’s decisions are final and are not subject to appeal.


  • 1

    Gold, Silver and Bronze Award will be selected for each category.

  • 2

    Judges Award: Named after the respective judges. Five international judges will each select one outstanding entry from all entries.

  • 3

    Trophies will be presented to all award winners.

Selected entrants will be notified by mail in March 2017 and the list will be uploaded on the website of Hong Kong Heritage Museum. Those who are unsuccessful will not be notified.

Exhibition Opening
& Catalogue

Exhibition Opening

  • 1

    The awards will be presented at the opening ceremony of HKIPT 2017 at HKHM (details to be confirmed later).

  • 2

    All entrants are welcome to the opening ceremony.

Exhibition Catalogue

  • 1

    The selected entries (including the award-winning entries) will be published in HKIPT 2017 exhibition catalogue.

  • 2

    All selected entrants will be provided with a complimentary copy of the catalogue and the catalogue will be mailed to the entrant’s address as provided in the Entry Form.

Catalogues of past ‘Hong Kong International Poster Triennial’

  • Vision -
    Hong Kong International
    Poster Triennial 2014

    Price HK$270
    ISBN 978-962-7213-78-9
    Catalogue jacket with 3 colour choices

  • Beyond the Surface -
    Hong Kong International
    Poster Triennial 2007

    Price HK$300
    ISBN 962-7213-63-2

  • Poster Power -
    Hong Kong International
    Poster Triennial 2001
    (Paperback) / (Hardback)

    Price HK$275 / HK$350
    ISBN 962-7213-40-3

  • Act · Live -
    Hong Kong International
    Poster Triennial 2010

    Price HK$270
    ISBN 978-962-7213-68-0

  • Visual Dynamic -
    Hong Kong International
    Poster Triennial 2004

    Price HK$250
    ISBN 962-7213-51-9