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Organic Materials

Organic materials conservators are responsible for the preservation and restoration of artifacts made of organic materials such as wood, bamboo, leather, lacquer and plastics. Their roles are to maintain the well-being of organic artifacts and to preserve the historical evidence with the passage of time. Apart from devising and implementing conservation programmes for collections, organic materials conservators have to oversee the environmental monitoring programmes as part of the preventive measures taken to minimize the rate of deterioration of the organic materials in stores and on open display at museums.

To complement the integrated pest management programmes, conservators will use the nitrogen chamber for pest eradication, should there be signs of active infestation on the artifacts. Termites, woodborers and silverfish, are some of the common pests in Hong Kong. Our nitrogen chamber has a volume of 7.07 cubic metre (2.82 m long, 1.37 m wide, 1.83 m tall) and is equipped with alarm signals to ensure that fumigation is being carried out under a safe operating condition.

The nitrogen fumigation chamber in operation Damage by book worms Injection of polyvinyl acetate adhesive material into the crevices under the lacquer coat
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