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List of Participating Schools in 2017-18

Conservation D.I.Y.

Date of Activity Name of School Prog.
04.10.2017 Yuen Long Public Secondary School  1
25.10.2017 Tung Chung Catholic School  4
08.11.2017 De La Salle Secondary School, N.T.  3
20.11.2017 Buddhist Sum Heung Lam Memorial College   3
07.02.2018 Po On Commercial Association Wong Siu Ching Secondary School  4
14.03.2018 SKH Holy Trinity Church Secondary School  3
25.04.2018 Buddhist Tai Hung College 2
09.05.2018 Church of Christ in China Mong Man Wai College 3











  Time : 2:00 - 3:45 pm
  Duration : 1 hr 45 mins

  • Programme 1: Exploring paints on artifacts
    Paints are used on many artefacts such as paintings, sculptures, works on paper and mixed media, which can give rise to specific conservation problems. In this workshop, the conservators will introduce the various types of paints, their common problems and also their preservation measures and treatment methods, enabling students to gain a better understanding of heritage conservation. In addition, the students will experience preparing and painting with egg tempera, a classical medium used in Western paintings.
  • Programme 2: Conserving paper objects
    Have you laminated photos or used adhesive tape to repair a tear in a book? You may think that these common practices are alright, but actually your actions may cause permanent damage to the paper object over the long term. In this activity, the conservators will explain the reasons behind and introduce the proper way of caring for and handling paper objects. Conservators will also introduce the techniques of traditional Chinese bookbinding and guide the students in making thread-bound books using a step-by-step approach.
  • Programme 3: Artifacts + Science = Conservation
    Science is essential to understanding the material composition of an artefact and its degradation mechanism, helping conservators in developing the most appropriate preservation and treatment methods for artefacts. In this activity, the conservators will share with students how they apply scientific knowledge to conserve our artefacts. Under the guidance of the conservators, students will experience the fun and challenges of conservation work by making plaster models and subsequently applying metal leaf to them.
  • Programme 4: Conservation laboratories tour
    Come along and take a look behind the scenes at our conservation laboratories where artefacts are analysed and treated. Here, students will meet conservators specialising in various areas. They will introduce their work and the use and application of various analytical equipment, conservation tools and materials. After participating in this activity the students will be aware of the importance of museum conservation.