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Theme of the IIC-PM 2017 Hong Kong Symposium

Unroll and Unfold: Preserving Textiles and Thangkas to Last

Textiles represent an indispensable part of the inheritance of mankind since the beginning of a long history. Embodied in various forms, these beautiful objects have, through the ages, been used to express aesthetic inspirations amongst other functional, conventional and religious intents. Embedded not only with cultural connotations of the times when they were made, used or embellished, these objects have also been woven into them a large amount of wisdom and superlative craftsmanship of our ancestors which we may have inadvertently unnoticed. With the efforts of conservators, scientists, curators, collectors and alike, who have challenged themselves through tapping into the intelligence of our forebears and the essence of traditional craftsmanship, our shared cultural heritage is revitalised with perseverance alongside scientific developments.

Stepping into the second decade of the 21st century when technological advancement has gradually wiped out many kinds of ethnic textiles, costumes and thangkas in response to the contemporary needs and innovations on materials and uses, safeguarding these legacies and unfolding the merits and cultural significance behind them has become imminent and worthwhile to inspire the future generations.

From weaves to wefts, skills to crafts, materials to patterns, culture to creative expressions, care to access, ethics to conservation approaches, preventive to interventive, scientific analyses to technological advancement, the IIC-PM 2017 Hong Kong Symposium will not only enable these subjects to be further explored, diminishing traditional craftsmanship, fabricating processes and the aesthetic qualities connected with textiles, which include painted or woven thangkas, embroideries, court costumes, traditional and ethnic textiles,  unearthed fabrics  etc. will be brought into the limelight.  In bringing together Chinese and Western conservators and specialists, we hope that the event will provide delegates with conservation insights and act as a forum for lively discussion to spark off new ideas.

Join us in Hong Kong!