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"Hong Kong Cheongsam Story" Exhibition

The qipao, literally ‘Manchu robe', was generally referred to as the cheongsam in Hong Kong, meaning ‘long dress'. This one-pieced dress was highly fashionable between the 1930s and 1970s.

Hong Kong Museum of History and Hong Kong Arts Centre collaborate to present an exhibition "Hong Kong Cheongsam Story" near Gate 22 at the Airport. The exhibition focuses how the tradition of the women's cheongsam continues to develop in Hong Kong and gradually becomes the source of inspiration of new creations; meanwhile, it underscores the city's contribution to the preservation, perpetuation and promotion of the craftsmanship of cheongsam. Featuring the exquisite handicraft of cheongsam tailors with a display of the tools they use and the elegant dresses they make, visitors will appreciate the magnificent skills in cheongsam-making and learn more about the meaning of the dress to Hong Kong.

Venue of exhibition:

Near Boarding Gate 22, Level 6, Terminal 1, Hong Kong International Airport (Restricted Area)

Visitors Welcome