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Laser Cleaning System

Picture: Laser Cleaning System

The advanced laser cleaning system has been employed for cleaning tenacious stain on stone and ceramic artefacts and for removing soot particles and accretions of dirt on mural painting. This cleaning system operates with pulsed Nd:YAG (Neodymium doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet crystal) laser of 1064 nm in the infra red radiation region at a horizontal polarization with pulse duration of 4-6 ns at a normal working repetition rate of 5 Hz. Once the deep color stain, soot particle or accretion of dirt is shined by the high power laser beam, it will come off from the artifact surface by the action of thermal expansion and/or by vaporization after absorbing the quantized laser energy with an abrupt surge of temperature. The waste vapor generated will be extracted by specially designed exhaust fan with hose heel and filter.