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Highlights on the workshop, ""Conservation of Chinese Scrolls, Manuscripts and Rare books

The Conservation Office was honored to invite Ms. Hu Yuqing (胡玉清女士) an expert on conservation of ancient manuscripts, rare books and Dunhuang scrolls working at the National Library of China to conduct a week-long workshop in Hong Kong for us in early January 2017. Ms Hu, is a highly acclaimed master on the specialties in China, who has over forty years work experience on conservation and has been appointed as one of the inheritors by the China National Centre for Conservation and Preservation of ancient books (國家級古籍修復技藝傳習中心) to pass on knowledge and skills to next generations.
The workshop combined theoretical and practical sessions. Through live-demonstration, one-on-one practical advice and instruction, it had inspired the trainees with curiosity, conversation, and exploration. In-depth discussions on the selected conservation topics, such as: features on traditional formats of rare books, current treatment standard, application and development of skills/techniques in practice on the mainland had been fully covered. It not only strengthened our ties with the State master, but also the cultural exchange between the master and our emerging conservators was made manifestly.

In addition to the workshop, Ms. Hu had kindly delivered a 2-hour lecture, sharing her rich work experience and valuable conservation knowledge in the treatment of manuscripts from Dunhuang and Chinese ancient books. Over 80 participants including conservators, curators and librarians had attended the lecture.