Gallery Guide Map
Gallery Guide MapGallery Guide Map

Permanent Gallery

  • Introduction
  • The Ming Dynasty 1368-1644
  • The Qing Dynasty 1644-1911
  • The Opium War 1839-1842
  • The British Peiod 1841-1860
  • The British Peiod 1861-1941
  • The British Peiod 1861-1941
  • The Battle for Hong Kong 1941
  • The Japanese Occupation 1941-1945
  • The Volunteers 1854-1995
  • The Hong Kong Garrison of the PLA

Other Exhibit Areas / Facilities

  • Gift Shop
  • Office
  • Thematic Exhibition Gallery
  • Emplacement of 6-Inch Gun
  • Shell & Cartridge Stores
  • North Caponier,South Caponier and Ditch
  • Children's Corner
  • Weapons Theatre
  • Upper Gallery
  • Brennan Torpedo (replica)
  • 6-Inch Disappearing Gun (replica)
  • Cafeteria
  • Toilets
  • Toilet for People with Disabilities
    Toilet for People with Disabilities
  • Lift


Exhibition galleries and courtyard
Redoubt Floor PlanExhibition galleries and courtyard

As the core structure of the Museum, the Redoubt is restored and covered with a specially designed tensile structure. There are two levels in the Redoubt, the lower level being the permanent exhibition galleries staging the standing exhibition '600 Years of Coastal Defence in Hong Kong'. The upper level is the thematic exhibition galleries. A children's corner is set up at this level which allows children to learn in a relaxed and playful environment. A gift shop is located near the entrance of the Redoubt, offering a selection of books and souvenirs.

The cafeteria and toilet facilities are housed in a purposely-built block to the east of the Redoubt. Visitors may enjoy a snack and a fine view of the Victoria Harbour here after viewing the exhibition.

Children's Corner
Redoubt Floor PlanChildren's Corner

Gift Shop
Redoubt Floor PlanGift Shop