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Audition Results - Sig. Tune for HKMoA: Creative Music Programme

Presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Organised by Hong Kong Museum of Art
Music Mentor: Mr Chiu Tsang-hei


Updates! Audition Results

‘Sig. Tune for HKMoA: Creative Music Programme' is a prelude for the re-opening of the Hong Kong Museum of Art (HKMoA) this November. It provides a cross disciplinary learning and creative opportunity for young people to make their debut. The 19 finalists shortlisted from 194 applicants participated in the audition held at HKMoA on 16 March. Comprising Mr Chiu Tsang-hei, music mentor of this programme, and curators of the HKMoA, the adjudication panel has selected 4 from the 20 finalists to take part in the mentorship programme.

Selected Finalists (in alphabetical order of surname):



Title of the music work with the theme "world of contrasts"

Audio files


Boo Chun-kit Donald

Harmonic Fusion



Chan Man-him Matthew

(please refer to the Chinese version)



Wong Yee-lai

(please refer to the Chinese version)



Yeung Sin-tung Jessie




The selected finalists will become mentees of the renowned Chiu Tsang-hei in the half-year mentorship programme. They will also learn from curators about the four core collections of the HKMoA, namely Hong Kong Art, Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, Chinese Antiquities and China Trade Art. The museum and its collection will become inspiration for their creation of signature tunes, aka. Sig. Tunes, which will be broadcast at the reopening exhibition of HKMoA and on media channels to promote the museum's new identity. Please visit the museum facebook page for updates of the mentorship programme.


Programme Schedule




Stage 1: Open Call

1. Application

From 14 December 2018 to 15 January 2019 (Tuesday), 12 noon

Participants to submit the following documents to the museum by email

  1. Application form with a recent photo
  2. Audio file of music work (MP3 file)

2. Shortlisting

End of January 2019

Adjudicators to shortlist about 20 participants

19 February 2019 (Tuesday)

Shortlisting result announced

3. Audition

16 March 2019 (Saturday)

Finalists to perform or play the music works themed ‘worlds of contrast', and the adjudication panel to select at least four participants for further training

Stage 2: Composers Academy

4. Mentorship Programme

April to August 2019

Selected participants to receive training on music and art under the guidance of Mr Chiu Tsang-hei and museum curators to create signature tunes (Sig. Tunes) for HKMoA

Stage 3: Birth of  Sig. Tunes

5. Sig. Tunes Production

September to October 2019

Selected participants to complete the Sig. Tunes. HKMoA will arrange professional musicians to perform and record the works

6. Release of Sig. Tunes

End of 2019

HKMoA to broadcast the Sig. Tunes at the museum reopening exhibition and other media channels



Phone: (852) 2734 2176 / 2734 2152
Email: hkmoasigtune@lcsd.gov.hk

More Information:
Facebook: Hong Kong Museum of Art
Instagram: hongkong_museum_of_art



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