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 Hong Kong Museum of Art to re-open in November 2019


Hong Kong Museum of Art under renovation and expansion, December 2018.

We are pleased to announce that the major expansion and renovation project of the Hong Kong Museum of Art is in good progress and near completion.  Our re-opening is scheduled to take place in November 2019. Located at 10 Salisbury Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, a new glass façade presents a refreshed transparent design, which looks back onto the famous Victoria Harbour on Hong Kong Island. The renovation, undertaken by the Architectural Services Department, increases exhibition space from 7,000 m² to around 10,000 m².
In the renovation period, the Hong Kong Museum of Art received two world-class donations – collections from Chih Lo Lou Art Promotion (Non-profit Making) Ltd and the family of the celebrated artist Wu Guanzhong, with which the museum now boasts the biggest and most diverse collection of works by Wu in the world. The donations further developed the cultural offering and collection of the museum, enabling it to become Asia's premier art institution.

Follow our progress and development via our social media channels, Facebook (@hkmuseumofart) and Instagram (@hongkong_museum_of_art). Please join the conversation using the hashtag #hongkong_museum_of_art.

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