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The Hong Kong Museum of Art is now under a transformation process to establish its positioning in the Hong Kong Art scene. As we are planning our way forward, we would set our top priorities and emphasis in the search of our artistic origin and in the promotion of Hong Kong Art when we return to our museum building after the renovation project. With such a strong sense of belonging to Hong Kong Art, we have significantly increased our involvement in the development of Hong Kong art research. Since 2013, we have collaborated with other institutions on a series of research projects. We have launched and have been feverishly working on several closure programmes that help advance Hong Kong art research in various ways. All of these are the cream on top of the substantial material presented in our past exhibitions and programmes. As the materials collected grow both in depth and breadth, so grows the urge to share them with the public and fellow researchers. The Hong Kong Art Research Portal is therefore the very first step of the Museum's transformation and certainly a move to facilitate researchers studies.
We believe that Hong Kong Art research will flourish only if more people can contribute and participate together, hence a common platform for sharing is important. Information sharing and data collection is essential to facilitate any solid researches. It has always been a priority on our wish list to create an online platform where everyone could conveniently find data, materials and research on Hong Kong Art. The Portal is the first phase of this wish fulfilled. In this Pilot Phase, we start with our own materials as ginny pig to develop a site for testing. We have uploaded all practicable digital copies of our publications, exhibition records, photographic records, oral history research, other data and material related to Hong Kong Art for everyone to use. For those items with copyright restrictions, we are providing a catalogued list and contacts for onsite viewing. During the museum closure, our Resource Centre is closed and not all of the latter can be viewed, but we are trying our best to offer viewing service on a limited number of materials by appointment. For relevant details, please refer to "FAQs".
As we share the Museum archive in this first phase, we have already set in motion the second. We will be inviting other museums, academic institutions and research organisations to join us on the Portal. It is our long term plan to include other institutions and partners so as to enrich the whole portal and promote Hong Kong Art research in the future. When the portal is still developing, we are well aware that there is room for improvement at this phase. You, our users, are the reason why we put this up. Your feedback and comments are most welcome. Please make sure your thought reaches us by email to mmklo@lcsd.gov.hk. Together we can turn this into a treasure chest!

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