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Hong Kong Art Resource Portal

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The HKMoA has organised numerous exhibitions over the years, many of which are related to Hong Kong art. Online access to catalogues concerning the development of Hong Kong art published by the Museum can be found here, as well as pamphlets and booklets produced for the Museum's exhibitions of local art.

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    • Year
    • Year 2019
      Code EH2019.0001
      Title Hong Kong Experience.Hong Kong Experiment
      Material PDF, 2.70MB
    • Year 2015
      Code EH2015.0004
      Title In the Name of Art — Hong Kong Contemporary Art Exhibition
      Material PDF, 5.40MB
    • Year 2014
      Code EH2014.0007
      Title Tempting Touch – The Art of Tong King-sum
      Material PDF, 6.42MB
    • Year 2013
      Code EH2013.0002
      Title "Hong Kong Art: Open Dialogue" Exhibition Series V - The Origin of Dao: New Dimensions in Chinese Contemporary Art
      Material PDF, 11.13MB
    • Year 2013
      Code EH2013.0003
      Title Hong Kong Contemporary Art Awards 2012
      Material PDF, 5.00MB
    • Year 2013
      Code EH2013.0007
      Title Bonds of Memory: Wan Qingli's Collection of Chinese Art Given by His Teachers and Friends
      Material PDF, 4.88MB
    • Year 2013
      Code nil
      Title Symposium Papers - Another Modernity or Contemporaneity?: "Traditional Chinese Media in the Context of Contemporary Art"
      Material PDF, 2.19MB
    • Year 2011
      Code EH2011.0002
      Title From Common to Uncommon - The Legend of Ha Bik-chuen
      Material PDF, 4.66MB
    • Year 2011
      Code EH2011.0004
      Title A Passion for Tradition: The Art of Li Yanshan
      Material PDF, 8.31MB
    • Year 2011
      Code EH2011.0010
      Title Johnson Chow Su-sing: A Tranquil Heart in Art
      Material PDF, 13.81MB
    • Year 2010
      Code EH2010.0003
      Title Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial Awards 2009
      Material PDF, 6.76MB
    • Year 2010
      Code EH2010.0005
      Title Legacy and Creations - Ink Art vs Ink Art
      Material PDF, 3.96MB
    • Year 2010
      Code EH2010.0006
      Title Tea Ware by Hong Kong Potters 2010 (with DVD-Rom)
      Material PDF, 1.91MB
    • Year 2010
      Code EH2010.0010
      Title Legacy and Creations - Art vs Art
      Material PDF, 7.72MB

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