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Viva! River  
Presenter : Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Organiser : Art Promotion Office
Supporting Organisations: Tuen Mun District Council and Tuen Mun District Office
To give new art inspiration to the vibrant development of Tuen Mun, a district with long history and significant local characteristics, the Art Promotion Office has launched "Viva! River", a public art project under the Signature Project Scheme "Revitalisation of Tuen Mun River and Surrounding Areas" featuring 6 local artist groups, including Adonian Chan, Kay Chan, Ken Lo, Ricci Wong, Cold Ears Factory (Eastman Cheng and Joey Leung) and La Belle Époque (Billie Ng and Mary Cheung)
To learn more about the district and initiate dialogues with community groups, the participating artists have visited different places, such as schools, malls, parks and housing estates. Various kinds of collaboration have also taken place in the communities, where the public and artists exchange ideas to envision a more vital public space from the perspective of art and design. Inspired by the history and culture of Tuen Mun, as well as the connections and imaginations embraced by the residents, our participating artists have created 6 sets of artwork along the Tuen Mun River, including sculptures, urban furniture, a community weaving project, and even an interactive installation with music elements. In addition to giving the riverside a new look, we will highlight it as a new platform for innovation. We cordially invite you to embark on an artistic journey along the river, and take part in our ongoing community events — as many a little makes a mickle, we believe that your interesting ideas and stories will make a difference!
For project updates, please follow the 'Art-OUR in situ' page on Facebook and Instagram.
Wish to stay at home to have a view of the artworks and attractions in riverside? Don‘t miss our "Viva! River" Virtual Tour which offers an interactive 360-degree experience!
For the stories behind the artists' creative works, you‘re very welcomed to watch the "Viva! River - Artist Sharing video series"
For more artwork information, please click the artwork images below:

Viva! River

Viva! River




Cold Ears Factory
Infinite Legends of Tuen Mun
@Tuen Mun Riverside Park
La Belle Époque
Meowy Go Round the River
@Tuen Mun Riverside Park
Kay Chan
Hoho Hehe Haha Valley
@Choi Yee Bridge Garden


Ken Lo
Welcome Home
@Tsing Yin Garden
Ricci Wong
Tuen Mun Double Teaseat
@Pui To Road (South) Rest Garden
Adonian Chan
Sound of Rebound
@Pui To Road (South) Rest Garden




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