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Art Specialist Course 2019-20 Graduation Exhibition
 Highlights (4:42)

Emergency Kit & Wishing Pool
 Performance (9:08 start, total 31:40)

Breathe in・Breathe out
 Highlights (0:48)

medialogue – Pastiche by Law Yuk-mui
 Highlights I (1:00)
 Highlights II (0:46)

sound in the city
 Highlights of Shuffle Reality (1:45)
 Freedom from Within (1:49)

art talk
Imprint, traces, creative journey-Works of Art by Liu Cheng-mui
(Speaker: Liu Cheng-mui) (1:19:31)
 Art and mental health (Speaker: Tsang Fan-kwong) (1:29:52)
 Between the virtual and real – Public art of Lee Chin-fai
 (Speaker: Lee Chin-fai, Danny) (1:46:32)
 Who Are You? — Portraits of People in Hong Kong (Speaker: Simon Go) (1:12:51)
Giving A Leap, Striding Across (Speaker: Mok Yat-san) (55:53)
From Dust to Soul - the Artistic Journey of Yim Wai-wai (Speaker: Yim Wai-wai) (1:03:45)
Gogasha - Echigo Tsumari Triennale 2015 (Speaker: Wong Lai-ching, Fiona) (1: 17:05)
Art making in Pandemic - Get your hands dirty (Speaker: Fung Lik-yan, Kevin) (1:02:04)
From ceramic art to art therapy (Speaker: Wong Ngok-tung, Antonio) (1:14:50)
The trace of my expression of prints to the mineral pigment painting (Speaker: Chung Tai-fu) (1:05:07)
No Hurry, Paint Slowly – the Gongbi Painting by LAI Kwan-ting (Speaker: Lai Kwan-ting, Sue) (1:07:43)
Centrifugal Art Force – Digital Ink Painting and Animation of Wong Chung Yu (Speaker: Wong Chung-yu) (1:01:23)

• Splash on Paper-Ink Painting demonstration and sharing by Hung Fai (Artist: Hung Fai) (1:36:23)







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