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About vA!  
Driving Creativity.Pushing Boundaries
At vA!, we take art enthusiasts on a vibrant journey of the visual arts.
The Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre – vA! – is an open, multi-directional art space that focuses on art learning, research and exchange. Whether you are a full-time artist, an amateur enthusiast or just an interested member of the general public, it is a place where you can absorb the nutrients of art, enjoy opportunities to create art and let it transform your life.
With its specialised equipment, exhibition spaces and invigorating atmosphere, vA! is a journey of inspiration for anyone who wants to refine their skills and awaken the true artist within. 
It is a journey of immersion and discovery that allows enthusiasts to experience the visual arts, gain artistic know-how, drive their creativity and push their boundaries by challenging themselves and exchanging ideas and experiences with others.
Situated in Hong Kong Park, vA! is housed in a Grade I historic building, originally called Cassels Block, which was built around 1900 as married quarters for British army officers. As a counterpart to its sister venue Oi!, also under the management of the Art Promotion Office, vA! expresses through its English name the excitement and surprise that art can bring. Representing the horizontal axis, Oi! explores the possibilities of art experimentation by providing space for projects that can inspire creativity and engage the public, while vA! as the vertical axis provides art training for the public to further their artistic development.
To take art enthusiasts on a journey of the visual arts and power the creative development of our city.

• To support art enthusiasts
• To turn art into a vibrant journey
• To open up the world of artists
• To raise art to the next level



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