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The Spirit of Creation – The Past and Future of Industries in Kowloon East

Following a series of work to facilitate the transformation of Kowloon East, the Energizing Kowloon East Office (EKEO) of the Development Bureau commissioned a consultancy team comprising academics and professionals to conduct the Industrial Heritage Study of Kowloon East in late 2012. The study recorded the vibrant and diverse industrial culture of Kwun Tong and Kowloon Bay and the stories of these districts, and explored the strategies by integrating and transforming these collective treasures and urban spaces in a way that can break new ground in the organic development of Hong Kong and its quality of life.

The transformation of Tsun Yip Street Playground Phase 1 in Kwun Tong is the first project to showcase how the findings of the study can be incorporated in designs to enhance public spaces. In this connection, the EKEO and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department invited the Community Project Workshop of the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Hong Kong to be the Exhibition Installation Planning of the project, to plan an exhibition on the theme of the "Spirit of Creation", the essence of economic development in Hong Kong, while injecting the study's outcomes into the design of this public space. Recounting the stories of the generation that spared no effort in constructing Hong Kong, the exhibition aims to inspire us with direction, to pass on the spirit of perseverance, boldness, innovation and to build a broader and brighter future.

In addition to implanting an architectural character into the public space, a discovery map is designed to introduce distinctive spots with historical, architectural and cultural value in Kowloon East, which encourage the public to explore and appreciate the industrial culture and development of the district, thus inspiring their expectations for the future and sustaining the creative spirit that has led us to where we are today. Details of the study can be found on the EKEO's website at www.ekeo.gov.hk.

Date: 9.2014 — 8.2017
Venue: Tsun Yip Street Playground, Kwun Tong





In Tsun Yip Street Playground Phase 1, four containers have been transformed into functional pavilions to showcase the industrial development of Kowloon East through an exhibition of graphics, videos and works of art.