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Take PARK in Art  
Presenter: Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Organiser: Art Promotion Office
Since December 2018, the Art Promotion Office has launched "Take PARK in Art", an extended programme of "City Dress Up: Seats.Together", to engage with the public in a series of cross-disciplinary art-making activities in different public spaces of Hong Kong.
For "Take PARK in Art I" (December 2018 to May 2019), participants have co-created public art with elements of painting, weaving, sound art, story writing, drama performance and creative upcycling in collaboration with Hong Kong Public Space Initiative (HKPSI) and other local artists and organisations. The completed works have been exhibited in the respective open spaces. Through this platform for learning and brainstorming new ideas, we believe that the participants can become more imaginative and observant of their surroundings.
Starting from August this year, "Take PARK in Art II" will present a series of new cross-disciplinary art activities in collaboration with a local creative group KACAMA SOCIAL and different community groups. A variety of social experiments like BioBlitz activities, body movement games and creative upcycling workshops will be initiated, with an aim to encouraging the public to open up their senses, immerse themselves in a dialogue between the city and nature, and explore new approaches to sustainable living.

For details and latest updates, please follow our Facebook page and Instagram of "City Dress Up: Seats.Together" .


Event Highlights:
Take PARK in Art I
Co-organiser: Hong Kong Public Space Initiative
Period: 12.2018 — 5.2019

1. Sound of Happy Valley
Venue: Happy Valley Recreation Ground and the neighbourhood of Happy Valley
Period: 8.12.2018 — 24.2.2019
Led by artist Fiona Lee, participants of workshops "Soundwalk", "Sound Recording" and "Sound Re-creation" explored the community soundscape of Happy Valley by listening attentively to their surrounding sounds while taking a walk in the district, and made records of the sounds from different corners of the neighbourhood. These sound clips were showcased at the Happy Valley Recreation Ground as Echo of Happy Valley, an art installation decorated with tailor-made sound transducers for the park users to listen to and play with, echoing their everyday listening experience with this distinctive "sound map" of Happy Valley.


2. Chitter-chAtteR, Get Together!
Venue: Nam Cheong Park
Period: 19.1.2019 — 23.2.2019
A group of professional expressive arts therapists organised a series of family art workshops in Nam Cheong Park. They shared some tips with participants for effective parent-child communication through the art creation activities. Exploring the possibility of public space, the public were also invited to co-create the pop-up display installation by painting and weaving.



3. i Light Aldrich Bay
Venue: Aldrich Bay Park and Eastern Community Green Station
Period: 17.2 — 17.3.2019
By organizing two workshops in collaboration with Artist Dylan Kwok and plastic upcycling group GAAU1 UP at Eastern Community Green Station, we led the residents of Eastern District to transform a batch of recycled plastic and glass bottles into wind-powered LED light art pieces. Following these workshops, the previous participants and other residents in the neighbourhood participated in the "i Light Up! Artwork Light Up Party", placing the bottles inside the water feature of Aldrich Bay Park as a co-created art installation Wind Shines which lit up the park and echoed with the sea breeze.


4. Memstory
Venue: Kowloon Tsai Park
Period: 16.3 — 7.4.2019
An installation designed by Dilemma Studio was exhibited in Kowloon Tsai Park, functioning as the station for story collection and drama script co-creation. The public were encouraged to express their thoughts and share their memories of local happenings. The collected stories serve as the source for drama script co-creation, and further extend the collective memory of the Kowloon City district. A postcard mailing session has also been carried out during story collection to gradually re-connect people who have drifted apart.


5. Reappearance of Memoryprint

Venue: Morse Park
Period: 12.3 — 13.5.2019
Following the lead of theatre practitioner Arvin Cheng, a group of kaifong actors present a drama performance based on the stories collected in Kowloon Tsai Park. They bring the stories of Kowloon City back to life and narrate the transformation of our city. The Project takes community theatre as the platform for intergenerational interplay through collaboration between the youth and the senior citizens.




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