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Soupday Tuesday
 Episode 01: Hairy Mountain Fig Lung Nourishing Soup
 Episode 02: Vegan Artichoke Soup
 Episode 03: Pumpkin Carrot and Corn Soup
 Episode 04: Snow Fungus and Apple Lung Nourishing Soup
 Episode 05: Fuzzy Melon and Corn Dampness Clearing Soup
 Episode 06: Mixed Pea Soup with Chard
 Episode 07: Papaya and Snow Fungus Soup with Pork Shank
 Episode 08: Old Cucumber and Mixed Beans Soup
 Episode 09: Chinese Yam and Chestnut Soup
 Episode 10: Scottish Cock-a-Leekie Soup
 Episode 11: Dried Mussel Soup with Fuzzy Melon and Black Soybean

Workout Wednesday
 Episode 01: Two Sets of Full Body Exercise
 Episode 02: Two Sets of Exercise to Strengthen the Shoulder Joints and Hip Joints
 Episode 03: Three Sets of Wrist and Forearm Stretches
 Episode 04: Two Sets of Arch and Hollow Hold for Core Strengthening
 Episode 05: Two Sets of Wrist and Forearm Strengthening Exercise
 Episode 06: Three Sets of Ankle Mobilisation Exercise
 Episode 07: Scapula Exercise to Correct Posture
 Episode 08: Negative Sit-up 
 Episode 09: Hip Hinge Exercise

In-season Thursday
 Episode 01: Papaya (Part A)
 Episode 02: Papaya (Part B)
 Episode 03: Perilla (Part A)
 Episode 04: Perilla (Part A)
 Episode 05: Lemon (Part A)
 Episode 06: Lemon (Part B) 
 Episode 07: Lemongrass (Part A)
 Episode 08: Lemongrass (Part B) 
 Episode 09: Beetroot (Part A)
 Episode 10: Beetroot (Part B) 
 Episode 11: Cauli (Cabbage) (Part A) 

One Minute of Void
 Yoga Practice
 A Journey of Sound