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Hong Kong House at Echigo -Tsumari Art Triennale  
Presenter : Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Organiser : Art Promotion Office
Collaborators : Executive Committee of Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale and The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
Supporting Organisation : Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office – Tokyo
Activity Collaborators : soundpocket, Fleurs des Lettres,
Art Appraisal Club and Hong Kong Open Printshop
Niigata Prefecture in Japan is known for its bountiful farmlands. Its seasons are markedly distinct. In summer, the farmlands are green, while in autumn, they are in harvest gold. The Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale is set in the farmlands of satoyama, nourishing art that connects the beauty of land with people's lives. This year, inspired by the rich local agricultural products and food culture, Hong Kong artist Annie Wan will display her new series of ceramic works at Hong Kong House in summer and autumn.

During her residence in Tsunan, Annie will visit local residents to collect local agricultural goods and cooking utensils, as well as to explore the aesthetics and preferences of eating. She will transform the local ingredients and cooking utensils into ceramic objects by moulding. A layer of ash glaze making from the rice husk of Koshihikari will be applied on the new art objects. These replicas or transformed objects displayed at the Hong Kong House are like special specimens of a particular time and space occupying a place in real life. Moreover, the Hong Kong House will become a community kitchen. The artist will cook creatively to share the art of food with participants, generating a new way of experiencing contemporary art and integrating art into everyday life.

Art critic Vivian Ting, sound artist Mark Chung, and writers of Fleur des Lettres will depart from the familiar city to stay at Tsunan so as to experience the exotic culture and social customs which will constitute a part of their creative context. During the exhibition, Hong Kong Open Printshop will organise a series of large-scale blueprint workshops in the local community. Residents will be invited to participate in creating artworks by the sun and water from the nature, so as to experience the inter-relationship between people, nature and art.

For the updated details of this art project and the activities, please visit our website, follow the Facebook page of "Hong Kong House at Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale" and Instagram.
Download Here:


Exterior of the Hong Kong House     Photo: Osamu Nakamura

Annie Wan's recent work Zan Baak Fo






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