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Hi! Hill  
Presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Organised by the Art Promotion Office
Curatorial Partner (art in-situ) : Make A Difference Institute
Learning is an essential path that we have to travel. We take the first step at school, where we start our personal growth and build friendships. After a school has completed its mission of nurturing generations of children and its campus has retired from the contemporary scene, we, as grownups, still hold onto every single precious memory of our schooldays. Located in Tsuen Wan Chuen Lung Village, the former Chuen Lung Koon Man School is a village school that witnessed the development of generations of village children, the extension of rural connections and the evolution of community history before lying idle for many years.
To reveal past memories of this village school and strengthen the empathy of the local community, ‘Hi! Hill' public art project has been launched in March. Inspired by past and present images of Chuen Lung, the uniqueness of the village, memories of the school, the daily life of villagers and their own imagination, 13 groups of artists, including Leung Chi-wo, Kingsley Ng, Tang Kwok-hin, Kacey Wong, Chak Wai-leung, Ray Chan See-kwong, Chung Wai-ian and Ng Ka-chun, Monti Lai Wai-yi, Agnes Lee, Rainbow Leung, Leo Wong Chun-yam, Ricky Yeung Sau-churk, Yip Kai-chun and history educator Chu Yiu-kwong, together with our Design Partners, Eddy Yu and Hung Lam, Project Photographer, John Fung and Project Videographer, Lau Tak-shing work together with the village community to install site-specific works of art at the old school and around this picturesque village. This art project takes the public on a journey into forgotten spaces to experience village life, explore the traces of time, the land and the people, and to gain a better understanding of our local village culture and history. A series of workshops, guided tours and sharing sessions will be held during the exhibition period to give the public an insight into the education provided at the old village school and into village life, while also giving them the opportunity to help write the local story of this green and watery landscape. 

If you are interested in the project, please follow the Facebook page and Instagram of ‘Hi! Hill'.

Exhibition period: 11.3 – 12.8.2018
Venue: Chuen Lung Village and Former Chuen Lung Koon Man School, Tsuen Wan
Opening hours: 
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday to Sunday: 10am – 6pm
Closed on Wednesdays
Free admission
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