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Hi! Flora, Fauna  
Fantasy Terminal 7120
Artist: Tung Wing-hong
Artwork Location: Pavilion (The "Octagonal Pavilion" near Time Tunnel) 
"My sight is totally trapped in the curves of Buff-cheeked Gibbon's motion."
The Pavilion in the Gardens, with its hundred-year history, used to be the performing venue of the military band of the British Forces in Hong Kong. Its structure still retains the architectural features of the 19th century. Into this quaint spot, Tung Wing-hong, a kinetic mechanical installation artist, steps in. He created a video loop of animations of the Gardens' animals and added the sounds of visitors and animals. It gives the audience the perception of returning to a historical performance by the military band while being on a dream stage where the sounds and movements of virtual animals intertwine with the kinetics of a real mechanical appliance.  
Artist Biography:
Tung obtained his MFA degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is now a visual artist, programmer, exhibition fabricator and mechanical designer. Exploring the spectatorship of art and spatial sensation, he creates site-specific installations combining moving image and mechanical movements. The synchronization of two time-based media interests him and sets off his continuous experimentation. He has been honoured as the "UOB Installation Artist of the Year" in 2015 and received the "25th ifva Awards" in Special Mention in Media Art Category by Hong Kong Arts Centre in 2020. Latest exhibitions include Another Day at Contemporary by Angela Li in 2020 and Nevertheless, History Continues media arts exhibition at Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong in 2019.





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