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Hi! Flora, Fauna  
Wish You Well
Artist: Sharon Lee
Artwork Location: Fountain and Green House 
"We all remember having visited the Gardens long time ago. There's a Fountain here, but it does not look the same in our memories. We just could not locate the photo that we took together."
The Gardens was founded as a private one of the Governor, then became Hong Kong's first public park. Since 1864, the Fountain stands at the centre of the Gardens, witnessing to the changes of the times. Despite the Fountain has altered over decades, the one constant that has remained is the water feature – in particular, the rainbow that has been dearly kept in the waterscape. Artist Sharon Lee invites visitors to wish upon the rainbow. By the collective act of all wishful thinkers, the Fountain turns into a wishing well that belongs to everyone. Lee takes a Polaroid picture at the back of all wishers, to symbolically archive the individual and collective will. Lee reconstitutes the relationship between the people and the waterscape, negotiating with the change and unchanged paradoxically. Lee captures the slow-developing process of the Polaroid photos with videos and reveals the beautiful yet uncanny fading quality in a reversal representation. 
Artist Biography:
Lee obtained her BA in Fine Arts from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and is currently an MFA degree candidate at the same university. Her photography is an analog-digital hybrid rooted in material exploration. Her work approaches the absence, disappearance and lost in history and memory. She was the artist-in-resident in Ceramic Artist Exchange Tandem 2017 in Germany and Taipei International Artist Village in 2018. She was awarded the "New Light Exhibition Scheme" by Lumenvisum in 2017, the "Cultural Exchange Arts Development Fund" from the Home Affairs Bureau in 2018 and the Winner of "WMA Masters Award 2018/19" with her work The Crescent Void. Latest group exhibitions include WMA Annual Exhibition – Opportunity! at Hong Kong City Hall in 2019, Hong Kong International Photo Festival and Peer to Peer: UK/HK Online Festival in 2020.





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