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Hi! Flora, Fauna  
Artist: Ng Hoi-chi
Artwork Location: Refreshment Kiosk and Visitor Centre 
"The Gardens bridges nature into an unbreathable urban sprawl and quietly imbedded a certain kind of impression into our memories and influences our reciprocal human interactions with its flora, fauna, railing, floor finishes, directional signages, lamp posts, signs, that are all spatial elements."
On rethinking about the subjective nature of the Gardens as bridge between nature and urban-scape or a vessel of holding and creating memories of relationships, after careful observation of the synergy between availability and utilisation of space in the Gardens, architectural designer Ng Hoi-chi focused his minimal touch on the Visitor Centre and Refreshment Kiosk. The wood that cladded the exterior of the Centre is extended into a structure for another artist's stuffed animals, and the Centre's interior structure is redesigned as project introduction zone for visitors. Ng has created some large and small tables with lesser material in redefining what ‘gathering' and ‘social distancing' mean under the regulation of COVID-19, he also thoughtfully designed seats made of trees toppled by typhoon as a reflection on the current worldwide issues to ponder the role as earth's residence.
Artist Biography:
Ng graduated from Architectural Association School of Architecture in London with Honor and was an Associate at Jamie Fobert Architects. He is experienced in challenging spatial conventions and material development by creating alternative and meaningful spatial experience by uncovering client's historical, cultural and social related matters. He and Sjoerd Hoekstra set up Design For Culture, which specialises in the design of exhibitions and spaces with a cultural focus in telling captivating stories and bringing out the essence of the exhibitions and objects. His spatial designs span a wide range of scale and types, covering museums such as Tate St Ives and Hong Kong Maritime Museum, cultural exhibitions for the French May, Frieze Art Fair, bespoke garden pavilions, coffee bars to elderly living environment. Latest exhibitions include 2018 Hong Kong – Macao Visual Art Biennale and Claylaboration - Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition at Hong Kong Heritage Museum in 2019.





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