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Chasing Sounds
Art Group: Impromptu Projects
Artwork Location: Fountain Terrace Garden 
"As urbanites we forget the need to engage with other animals and appreciate an organic environment. The Gardens is a hidden gem, located in the middle of the urban setting it perforates the infrastructure with a breath of fresh air, walkable pathways and relaxing attitude."
Bamboo scaffoldings are a common sight in Hong Kong. They can be found in every corner of the streets. During traditional festivals of the Chinese community, large bamboo shed theatres are erected for various traditional performances. Bright lights decorating the structure add to the festive atmosphere. In this project, Impromptu Projects, an architect duo from Macao, investigates how to create a public surround-sound environment made of bamboo, one that sets aside pure aesthetic considerations. The duo makes use of calculated spacing in the scaffolding and a streamlined spatial design to present the fluidity of melodies and rhythms coming from the musical instruments. Their creation, Chasing Sounds, is located on the lawn of the Gardens' Fountain, where the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble performs live, with music that would blend with the natural sounds of the Gardens, such as flowing water, rustling leaves and birdsong. The pavilion enhances the possibility of space utilisation and contemporises bamboo architect. By allowing natural light to penetrate the structure, it also adds a cosy ambience to the ‘urban forest'.
Artist Group Biography:
Impromptu Projects is a multi-disciplinary studio practice founded by João Ó and Rita Machado. The team proposes architecture design with strong involvement of the local community as critical participants. Their installation work is often shown in the urban space, focusing on the design of temporary structures with bamboo sourced from the nearby region as well as on the study of its social relevance. Artwork Treeplets Public Leisure has won "Silver A' Design Award" for Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category in 2015, and the team were awarded top 3 finalist for the "Art in Public Space & Sustainability Award" in Portugal in 2020. Latest exhibitions include Memory Palace at the National Museum of Natural History and Science, Lisbon in 2015 and Annual Arts Exhibition between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries – Alter Ego at Macao Museum of Art in 2018.









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