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Where The Hearts Meet
Artist: Gretchen So
Artwork Location: Scattered in the Gardens 
"The Gardens are easily accessible and offer a lot for the public to enjoy. The more you explore the more surprises you find, and the more you love it there. Like a grandparents' house, the Gardens provide all that is needed to connect our hearts."
With her acute sensibility as a street photographer, Gretchen So often unearths captivating visual elements in seemingly ordinary urban landscapes that can stimulate the audience's imagination. For this public art project she spent a year creating a series of images, entitled Where The Hearts Meet, a tribute to the century-old Gardens. By capturing interesting moments of visitors' activities, she strives to reinstate the Gardens' uniqueness and existential value. Her photographs are mainly displayed on both sides of the steps leading to the Bronze Statue of King George VI, creating a spectacular outdoor gallery. The remaining works are nested in different trails where the landscape of the photos intertwines with that of the surrounding environment, allowing visitors to roam freely between the imagery and reality during their leisurely strolls.    
Artist Biography:
So holds a MA degree from Yale School of Art and attended a MA programme in Arts Administration at Columbia University. She has received various awards for her academic studies, including the Reader's Digest Scholarship and Yale Scholarships. She worked as an arts administrator in New York and Hong Kong, where she also taught at several higher education institutions since the mid-1990s. Her photographic work on the fast-growing and ever-changing cityscape of Hong Kong has been awarded numerous publication and exhibition grants from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. She was a finalist for the "Asian Art Prize" multiple times. So struggled with chronic insomnia and severe anemia for many years, and that experience heightened her sensibility towards the cityscape of Hong Kong at night. Her latest portfolio Nights in Suspense is a triumphant milestone in her artistic career. 





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