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Hi! Flora, Fauna  
Artist: Enoch Cheung
Artwork Location: Rain Shelter (next to Fountain Terrace Garden) 
"Somewhat distant, a little unfamiliar – this is the mixed feeling I have of ‘Bing Tau Fa Yuen', the Cantonese locals' way of calling the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens. What I see and what I remember superimpose upon each other, and there is just a slight distance between the hippocampus and reality. In merging history with nature, the juxtaposed images of a city I call home seem so unfamiliar and alien to me."
In nature, animals roar but plants wait quietly for visitors to notice and appreciate them – the 23 "Old and Valuable Trees" in the Gardens are among the oldest and most uncommon specimens that remain in Hong Kong, with many of them being precious and rare species. Photographer Enoch Cheung uses light and shadow to capture images of the textures, lines and forms of these old trees and superimposes the silhouettes of the branches onto acrylic sheets, to create an emboss-printed canopy that sits unobtrusively atop the Gardens' Rain Shelter. Through the translucent acrylic sheets, Cheung is presenting these picturesque images of nature in an all-weather condition, whether sunlit, moonlit or in the rain.
Artist Biography:
Cheung obtained his MFA degree in Painting from the RMIT University in Australia, MFA degree in Interactive Media and Environment from Frank Mohr Institute of Hanze University in the Netherlands, and MA degree in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art and Design of University of the Arts London in the United Kingdom. In recent years, he has developed an interest to explore the relationship between artistic works across other disciplines. His recent research aims to examine contemporary art from the perspective of intersemiotic relationship. Latest exhibitions include Pseudo Collection - What Do Artists Collect at 1a space in 2016 and Breathing Space: Contemporary Art from Hong Kong at Asia Society Hong Kong Center in 2017.






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