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Midnights on the Island 
Art Group: Deep Food
Artwork Location: A display at Rain Shelter (near Fountain Terrace Garden) and public events  
"Our impression on the garden is that this place is like a living museum. As we learn about the history and story behind each detail of the garden, we realise how many traces of the past this place contains and remains until the present. We are fascinated about all these living history and we hope to share it through our work!"
Where does one begin to talk about the ebbs and flows throughout history? In their artwork Midnights on the Island, the artists of Deep Food re-interpret historical stories of the Gardens and its old trees through eight creative snacks they have designed. The taste and presentation of each of the snacks have been meticulously thought through. For example, the bitter taste of lotus seeds would be a reminder of the wretched life of Hong Kong during the Japanese Occupation, and the functionality Burmese rosewood (Pterocarpus indicus) is associated with the tea-drinking culture of Earl Grey tea. Deep Food has also re-designed a traditional Hong Kong-style ice-cream cart, and mapped out two routes through the Gardens that can lead visitors to explore different spots – a whole new experience that combines cultural interests with palatal delights, from which visitors would get to learn about ancient and modern history while sharing creative culinary ideas.
Please click the video to watch Deep Food's drama Midnights on the Island, which unfolds a story about the pastry chef Ah Suet and her beloved Grandpa. Grandpa, a curious vendor who used to sell cold snacks with a trolley on the streets, had numerous interesting encounters with different people and witnessed the changes of Hong Kong over the years. His granddaughter Ah Suet, a young chef obsessed with pastry arts, once had a dream bringing her to the quaint old Gardens, and there she ran into Grandpa—they explored the Gardens' historical features and Old and Valuable Trees and came up with new ideas for pastry recipes together. 
Artist Group Biography:
Deep Food is an initiative founded by Cindy Chan and Heinrik Ng. Chan and Ng both graduated from the School of Design of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. They see enormous opportunities for creating "edible experiences" and have a strong determination to unearth the potential of food to spark critical debates and deep thinking through design. While some global food trends include hype around posting food experiences on social media, a growing mindfulness of food health, and an increasing demand for food sustainability, Deep Food envisions design can play a role in such growing awareness on food in the form of workshop, performance, food design, etc. Latest exhibitions include Pseudo Food at JCCAC in 2019 and The Reconstruction of Kowloon: Multimedia Exhibition at Tung Nam Lou Art Hotel in 2020.






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