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Hi! Flora, Fauna  
City Centre Forest Home
Writer: Chan Hay-ching 
Artwork: A short novel 
"The Gardens' very existence adds a naturalistic and humanistic flavour to Hong Kong's image as a ‘global financial hub".
Living in a rapidly changing and highly urbanised world, would animals also be perplexed by the question "Where were our homes?" The Gardens is considered an oasis in the city where not only endangered animals are protected and cared for, but which also attracts other animals like cats, squirrels and bats to make a home. Curious about the habitats and habits of the different animals in the Gardens, writer Chan Hay-ching has written a fantasy short story featuring the Gardens. A little orphaned squirrel, the protagonist in the story, dashes around speaking to the plants and animals of the Gardens in its attempt to understand what a happy home is to them. From the sensitive narrative about the ecology of the Gardens, readers can probably explore what a home means too.
Please click here to read the story City Centre Forest Home.
Artist Biography:
Chan holds an Mphil and BA in Chinese from Lingnan University. As a writer, she has been telling stories with imaginative elements closely related to Hong Kong people's daily lives, communities and urban spaces. She has published essay collections Wanderer and novels including No longer Wearing a ‘Dog Face' and The Popping Candy Incident, and other Stories, with the latter awarded the "Highly Recommended Prize of the Hong Kong Literature Season" in 2017. Her works have also been published in various magazines such as Hong Kong Literature, Literary Century, The Writer, Muse, Fleurs des Lettres.







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