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Hi! Flora, Fauna  
Presenter : Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Organiser : Art Promotion Office
Curatorial Partner (Image Art) : Lumenvisum
Music Collaborator : Hong Kong New Music Ensemble
Primitive sounds of wildlife linger in an urban oasis. Nicknamed as 'Bing Tau Fa Yuen' by locals ('Bing Tau' means the head of soldiers and 'Fa Yuen' means garden) and located close to the central business district of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens is the oldest public garden in the territory. Apart from housing century-old historic monuments, old and valuable trees and other exotic flora, the Gardens is also the home to a number of endangered species of birds, mammals and reptiles. Since its founding in 1871, the refine scenery of the Gardens has appeared in different works of literature, movies and television production, and wonderfully captured by tourists and photography-lovers through camera. The provision of interactive experience with flora and fauna also marks the significance of the Gardens, where urbanites can enjoy a moment of peace and a mindful appreciation of nature.
In exploration of stories about the Gardens and the relationship between human and nature, the Art Promotion Office launched the 'Hi! Flora, Fauna' art project featuring 17 artists/ artist groups, including Nadim Abbas, Chan Hay-ching, Enoch Cheung, Eunice Cheung, Deep Food, Impromptu Projects, Human Ip, Sharon Lee, Leong Ka-tai, Leung Mee-ping, Ng Hoi-chi, Gretchen So, Tung Wing-hong, Dio Wong, Morgan Wong, Wong Wo-bik, and &dear, together with our Curatorial Partner (Image Art) Lumenvisum and Music Collaborator Hong Kong New Music Ensemble. Drawing inspiration from the history, collective memories, cultural imagination as well as natural attractions of the Gardens, the artists present their creativity via a variety of art mediums and organise a series of site-specific activities, offering a one-of-a-kind experience. Throughout the artistic journey, you are invited to explore meanings and treasures of the Gardens — let's share new memories and continue to grow with this place we all love.
For project details and updates, please follow the 'Art-OUR in situ' page on Facebook and Instagram
Exhibition Information :
Venue : Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens
Address : Albany Road, Central, Hong Kong
Exhibition Period : 16.1 – 30.6.2021
Public Event Highlights :
Please visit the LCSD Edutainment Channel and "ArtOUR in situ" Youtube Channel for our series of videos featuring the public event highlights.
Featured Artworks:
For more artwork information, please click the artwork titles below:
 Nadim Abbas  RSPBA (Revised System for the Prevention
 of Boredom in Animals)
 Chan Hay-ching  City Centre Forest Home 
 Enoch Cheung  Reminiscences
 Eunice Cheung  Animals Like Us in the City *
 Deep Food  Midnights on the Island 
 Chasing Sounds
 Human Ip  Forest Walk, Healing Talk
 Sharon Lee  Wish You Well *
 Leong Ka-tai  TREASURE GO! 
 Leung Mee-ping  A Moving Hill
 Ng Hoi-chi  Cap.599F
 Gretchen So  Where The Hearts Meet
 Tung Wing-hong  Fantasy Terminal 7120
 Dio Wong  ZOOMING OUT **
 Morgan Wong  Untitled - Zen Garden I
 (Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens)
 Wong Wo-bik  Hi! Time Travel & Lapse/ Hi! Plants **
 &dear   Explore Hong Kong Nature in HKZBG! *

The Gardens' Old Photos and Memories Collection Campaign:
Lumenvisum's The Gardens in the Memories

Site-specific Music Performance and Workshops:
Hong Kong New Music Ensemble's Lifelike






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