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FUSION — Cultural Exchange Seravezza-Hong Kong  
Co-organised by ARKAD Foundation and vA!
In collaboration with Italian Institute of Culture Hong Kong & Macau and Municipality of Seravezza
This project is organised by vA! and the ARKAD Foundation, and curated by Silvia Vannacci. Five Hong Kong artists and five artists working in Seravezza, a beautiful region in Italy, were invited to co-create sculptures using the two materials that tell the story of their home town: wood from Hong Kong and white Carrara marble from the Apuan Alps.
Danny Lee creates stone forms with wood in response to Francesca Bernardini's marble sculpture, which represents a tree. The interchange between Eastern and Western culture and materials has formed a beautiful poem. Yaman Chau and Lorenzo Vignoli emphasise and explore the communication and mindful linkage and exchange between people nowadays. Ho Yuen Leung and Jacob Cartwright take the audience on a visual tour and invisible integration through the smooth and geometric form of their works. Margaret Chu crafts a sparrow, a symbol of Hong Kong, to accompany a flamingo, created by Aurélien Boussin. In their encounter with each other, they greet each other softly and cement a friendship with mutual support, cherishing the moment of their interaction. The wave metaphor connects with Violet Shum's thoughts and Flavia Robalo's work, which symbolise the exchange between two distinctive regions.
The 10 artists are from two places with widely different locations, languages, cultures and sculptural techniques. The project broadens the possibility of fusion of distant regions through creativity and realises the artistic dialogue between Hong Kong and Seravezza. 
Date : 8–27.12.2021 (Closed on Tuesdays, Christmas Day and Boxing Day)
Venue : vA! (Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre)
Address : 7A Kennedy Road, Central
Opening Hours : 10am to 9pm, (Special opening hours on Christmas Eve : 10am - 5pm) 
Another five co-created sculptures will be exhibited in the same period at the ARKAD Foundation in Seravezza, Italy
The exhibition is part of the ITALIA MIA Festival,
website : https://www.italiamiafestival.com/. 

Danny Lee and Francesca Bernardini
Poetry of Nature

Yaman Chau and Lorenzo Vignoli

Ho Yuen Leung and Jacob Cartwright

Margaret Chu and Aurélien Boussin
Soft Chirps of Birds

Violet Shum and Flavia Robalo