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''Art >< Creativity''
Exhibition Series in the Greater Bay Area
Presented by:Leisure and Cultural Services Department of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Co-organiser:Art Promotion Office 
                        Hong Kong Designers Association
Project Partner:Shenzhen Fringe Art Centre
The Art Promotion Office and the Hong Kong Designers Association have worked together to organise the "Art><Creativity" Exhibition Series in the Greater Bay Area. The series features six art exhibitions to be held in four cities in the GBA – Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Foshan, and Dongguan – showcasing the works of 12 Hong Kong artists and designers, as well as a series of virtual art tours created by a Shenzhen media artist, including participating artists Jane Lee, Angel Hui, Danny Lee, Lam Yau Sum, Chui Pui Chee and Margaret Chu; designers Eddy Hui, Michael Leung, Chris Cheung, Hong Ko, Benny Luk and Kin So; and media artist Eric Zhu. The series aims to bring artists and designers together as creative partners so that through communicating concepts, experiences and expressions, should creative minds be inspired and innovative ideas be generated. The goal to connect Hong Kong and other cities in the GBA through creativity and art can be achieved. 


Secret Adventures to the Depths
of the Brain
Jane Lee x Eddy Hui
Nantou City, Shenzhen 
9 - 31/1/2021

Things That We Overlook in
Everyday Life
Angel Hui x Michael Leung
Nantou City, Shenzhen
6 - 10 & 15 - 28/2/2021
Exhibition details

Mindscape Beyond the Landscape
Danny Lee x Chris Cheung
International Grand City, Guangzhou 
17/4 - 17/5/2021

Lam Yau Sum x Hong Ko
He Art Museum, Foshan
9 - 28/11/2021

The Flow of Life
Chui Pui Chee x Benny Luk 
He Art Museum, Foshan
9 - 28/11/2021

Déjà vu, perhaps?
Margaret Chu x Kin So
Reading Mi Bookshop, Dongguan 
26/2 - 31/3/2022

Media artist Zhu Decai
2021 - 2023